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How To Start Making Quick Decisions

Today I’d like to share my thoughts on the value behind making decisions quickly.   This past month, Kate and […]

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Finding Success through Network Marketing

This past month, Kate and I were recognized for hitting one million dollars in commission with our network marketing company, […]

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The Habit of Personal Responsibility

Do you take responsibility for your actions? With recent events including the actions of our current president, I feel like […]

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What is Enlightenment?

I’ve started to notice that our society labels enlightenment as something you achieve, a goal to accomplish, a win.  I […]

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One Million Dollars in the Bank

One of my goals was to have 1 million dollars in the bank by the time I was 30. At […]

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The Significance of Self Care

How often do you push off time for yourself? There will always be something else to do, something more important […]

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3 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

Out of all the goals I’ve achieved in my life so far, I believe more than a few were due […]

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How to Deal with Change

Change is inevitable.  We all know this, you simply can’t avoid it.  I believe one of the personal trials we […]

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The Importance of Communication in Life and Business

It’s no secret that communication is an essential factor in most, if not all areas of life. Recently, I experienced […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Letting Go

When you look back on your past, how does it make you feel? Now, how does it feel when you […]

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How I Saved $9,600 in One Week with This Decision

A few weeks ago, Kate and I were reviewing our financials from 2015.  We were looking at our monthly nut […]

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