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Personal Growth
Personal Story

Business consulting for the 6-figure business owner.

Making you the operations authority you never thought you could be.

Some Questions You Might Be Asking Yourself
Who are you and how can you help?
Well, I’m a lot of things. A seven-figure business owner. A dad. A husband. I have my MBA from Wake Forest University. Most importantly, though, I’m a dude trying to do better (and that goes for business and life).

I know a lot about automated systems, funnels, strategy, and operations. I like Crossfit and taking action. I’m a person who can look at a business and see just where a few tweaks in structure would make all the difference to achieving the goals you’ve set out to achieve. (My undergrad engineering degree is extremely helpful in these endeavors!)

I’m honest, direct, and I love leading business owners to figure out what their business needs are and upping their revenue (all while still having a life/work balance). Bottom line? I’m the guy you need to stop spinning your wheels and get shit done.

Who is your business coaching for?
Business coaching with me is for six-figure business owners who are feeling the squeeze (and sleepless nights), wondering if the foundation they’re building on will hold the growth they’re experiencing.

Working with me with help turn your operations chaos into streamlined processes throughout your entire company, and that means more time, more money, more energy, and more results for you.

Coaching with me will help you structure your company so you can see the ultimate success with ease in execution. (The bonus? Your family will see you emerge from your office once in a while.)

There are a lot of business coaches out there - how's your coaching different?
Hands down, my coaching is different because of my experience and education. Here’s a list:
  • MBA from Wake Forest University
  • Dual Degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology & Organizational Leadership & Supervision from Purdue
  • Employed by a Fortune 500 company at the start of my career
  • Started and grew my own business after leaving corporate America, resulting in paying off my student loans of $84,500 in one day
  • An intricate understanding of both brick & mortar and online businesses
  • Currently own a seven-figure business with my wife Kate
  • An active parenting role so I understand how running a business and family is tough
How do I work with you?
I think it’s awesome that you’re ready to take action. (You won’t regret it!) First things first, we set up a 45-minute consult call and determine the following for you and your business:
  1. Are we a good fit? (My guess is yes.)
  2. What are you currently struggling with in your business?
  3. What are your business needs in order to gain traction? (You’ll get 3 strategies you can walk away with and implement.)
  4. What plan for ongoing coaching do you need & what is the best coaching package for you?

Simple and easy.

Ok! I’m in! What do I do next?

Contact me directly. Once I get your email I’ll contact you to set up the initial hour-long consult.

Let’s Get Started


"Mike is a mix of practicality and masculine wisdom, handed to women in a way that they can "get" and feel empowered to move forward in a way that serves them and their desires."

“Mike has gone out of his way to help provide training and support to my team so we all can grow together. I am thankful for his leadership and his friendship that has come about through business.”

"I don’t have many people on speed dial, but Mike will always have a spot on there in my phone. From priceless business advice to helping me with personal relationships, he’s been a valuable friend and resource. If you get a chance to work with Mike, do it!"

"Within 24 hours of meeting Mike, I saved $5000 on my monthly budget, had a new strategy for building my support team, and a clear vision of what needed to change in order to achieve my goals. Then we really got to work. After 6 months of working together, I streamlined my systems, saved over $10,000 in duplicate services, and learned a laser focused strategy for growing my business. I launched my first podcast, launched two blog series, constructed a new product that is proving to be my flagship product and most importantly, saw myself as the owner and CEO of a successful business. He demanded it of me and supported me through it."

“Mike Watts has gotten to the position he is in through integrity and execution. He delivers on what he says he will do. A great coach and leader you should be following.”

“I have had the opportunity to learn from Mike working with him directly and also through observing his interactions with others. Mike has a genuine desire to help improve the lives of those around him by providing a lot of passion and sincerity in his efforts. I also have had the pleasure of knowing him personally and I have found him to be a lover of life and everything it has to offer him. I believe from his experiences that he has truly learned to bring out the best in people. To work with and be around Mike is truly inspiring.”

"Mike is one of the most fun and enthusiastic people I know. He also has a deep, genuine desire to help others."

"Mike, just a quick note to let you know how much I have appreciated working with you these past three years. Your professionalism, experience, focus and humor have made working with you a pure pleasure. I really admire your focus and vision for where you are going personally and in business, very inspiring. To help others succeed we have to be the change and you Mike, exemplify that."

"Since our one short chat over a year ago, I am now a Doterra Platinum leader (soon to be Diamond) and will be earning 6 figures this year. That’s more than I’ve ever earned at any job...and I get to stay home and raise my son in the process! I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, as well as tons of help and training along the way, but I still count that one chat as the pivotal moment where I made the decision to push forward and not give up. As I step into this new reality of financial freedom, I’ve been making my rounds to thank everyone who inspired and encouraged me to keep going, and you are certainly amongst that group. How amazing that you helped change another person’s life (mine...along with my 3-year-old son’s) simply by taking a few minutes to talk with a complete stranger. Thank you for that, truly...You were a blessing!"

"I've been a solopreneur since 1992, and in all those years I've never received supportive business counsel from a man. I've received ridicule, shaming and demeaning from men - including my husband - but never support. I can't tell you how amazing it felt to have Mike Watts - a man - give me honest feedback and guidance without even a hint of ridicule or shame. Having him regard me as a worthy and competent business woman boosted my confidence - and that confidence is already showing in the way I'm tackling the homework he gave me.

He also helped me gain clarity on how to whittle down my debt, how to structure new pricing for offerings, we deleted the offering that was taking too much energy and not yielding enough income, created a marketing strategy that I can begin implementing immediately with no added staff, updated my website with powerful new copy and outlined the steps to launch my online course. "

"Just completed a systems and strategies VIP day with @mikejwatts, and it was so, so good! As an entrepreneur, my strengths lie in the "big dreaming" category. I’ve got a constant stream of ideas but have a hard time focusing on the day-to-day systems and organization. Mike really helped me figure out my team, where I needed to grow as a CEO (like a lot of places), and really went into the energy of making money, how to clean things up with my partner, and how I manage things, etc. One of my main goals has been to feel more grounded - in motherhood, in my home, on my land, and in my business (I have almost no Earth in my astrological chart so this is my big lesson in life!), and I know when it’s time to ask for help. Mike helped me create a rock-solid foundation for my business from which to grow, so I’m no longer building my business house on sand. He also talked to me about how to lead with my feminine side - in real specifics! So good to have some "man energy" in my biz, and Mike is so wonderful and a total genius. I can’t recommend him enough."

"Working with Mike was so reassuring. He has a breadth of understanding, from the strategic to the technical, that allows him to see the big picture of a business. It is from this place that he is able to give specific feedback and direction to accomplish long-term goals."

"The biggest takeaway from my time with Mike was, “Work smarter, not longer.” I'm not into the rah-rah business coaching - I like to dive into the nuts and bolts of operations and get clear on what's working and not working, and I needed an outside point of view. Mike is real, no fluff, and lots laughter and fun. I genuinely like his personality and really value his leadership. I worked with Mike with the goals to streamline processes and roles within my business. Over the past three months, we've gotten clear on our roles and have operated more efficiently than we ever did in 2017. I absolutely recommend working with Mike. For any business that is clear on their mission and has experienced some recent growth, I think Mike is an absolute MUST if you want to take it to the next level."

"Mike is a plain-speaking, no-BS kind of guy, who also happens to have a heart of gold. He is brilliant at helping you think through where you want to go by asking you the right questions - not just about your business, but about who you are and what you really want to do with your life, in your business. Then he helps you construct a clear, concise plan for getting there. In the space of a single day, Mike was able to help me go from feeling like my brain was like a bowl of spaghetti to feeling super clear about where I'm going and what I need to do to get there. I know that in 6 months, both my biz and I are going to be in a completely different place, and I'm REALLY EXCITED! I highly recommend taking the time and making the investment to work with Mike. You will thank yourself for it!"

- Sarah Lange

Let’s Get Started