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Episode 59

Men Are Afraid More Than Ever? Plus Dr. Ford & The Angry White Guys

with Mike Watts

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Episode 59
Men Are Afraid More Than Ever? Plus Dr. Ford & The Angry White Guys

About this Episode

I am recording today’s episode on the same day as the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, about her sexual assault experience back in high school.

This morning, I saw an article going around titled, Men Are More Afraid Than Ever, about speaking up or being around women in general. The article is good, I would recommend spending time reading it.

It really set me off on a rant today during the show. My heart was hurting for these women who have gone through an experience like this, I was pissed at the level of immaturity of these men who are representing this country on the Senate panel, and it causes me to check my own self on these matters as well.

As a man, being afraid is an excuse and a weakness. We have the ability to create the necessary change that needs to be made in this country.

We have lived in a country where white men have held power in this country and pretty much controlled everything else.

This reality is collapsing and it is very distributing to see men who are trying to keep the power structure in place. If you are unsure what I am talking about, watch the men fall apart during the Kavanaugh portion of the hearing.

But as men, we don’t have to be afraid of these conversations, we need to support them.

So how do we do this?

1. Shut up. The first thing we have to do is stop talking.
2. Listen. Once we stop talking and start listening to someone who isn’t ourselves, we will discover how we are able to help other people.
3. Learn. By actually listening, we will start to learn about other people and what they experience in their lives.
4. Support. We must support changes to happen by supporting other people. For the sake of this conversation, that means supporting women when they are coming forward with their stories of sexual assault.
5. Action. Take action to implement the change that needs to happen. We know what needs to happen by following the steps above.

Men, it isn’t about being afraid of women, it is about supporting women.

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