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Personal Growth
Personal Story

The Habit of Personal Responsibility

Do you take responsibility for your actions?

With recent events including the actions of our current president, I feel like I’ve witnessed a whole lot of blame, non-accountability and generally, a lack of ownership.

Taking it down a notch and simply reflecting on our own lives – are you making sure you’re accountable for your thoughts, decisions and actions?  Do you hold yourself accountable or play the victim?  Sometimes it is easier to dodge this responsibility because it forces us to take a good, hard look at ourselves.  This self reflection and awareness based on our actions and reactions can make us uncomfortable.  

And I think that’s a good thing.

Taking personal responsibility for each action in your life, helps us to grow.  This personal growth and improvement within ourselves is invaluable and can only come from being uncomfortable and facing it head on. It helps us reach our full potential, shift old mindsets and ultimately, transform into the person we aim to be.  It helps us to re-set the old stories and limiting beliefs we had against ourselves and feel that power to change. To be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Self-examine and learn rather than blame and deny.

[Want to hear more on this topic? Check out Episode 029 of Project Life]

And as always, whenever you make a positive adjustment within yourself, it immediately has a positive effect on everyone around you.  Blaming those close to you for your decisions or pushing the responsibility towards anyone but yourself, will not benefit you or anyone else involved. Putting that time and effort into improving yourself, improves everything surrounding you – including these relationships.

Next time you’re faced with a situation that requires you to take personal responsibility – check yourself, take ownership and get ready to grow.

Have an experience regarding accountability? Let’s hear it below!

A Beginner’s Guide to Letting Go

When you look back on your past, how does it make you feel?

Now, how does it feel when you let it go?

This past summer, we had a leak in our basement.  Parts of our past are now covered in mold and it forced me to come face to face with previous chapters of my life.

So here I am with boxes upon boxes of things I have carried around and clung on to for roughly 16 years. Reflecting on the history of where I came from versus where I am today.

Step 1 – Acknowledge Your Past

When sorting through my past belongings, a few different feelings came up.  Everything from ‘Wow, that’s so not me anymore’ to ‘Wow, I actually accomplished that.’  An important part of the process was to recognize and acknowledge the person I was and how that previous version of myself shaped me into the person I am now.

Reflecting on my past made me realize that even though it looked like I was having the time of my life – I was not a happy person.  I think I had everything a little twisted, my habits were not in line with anything I currently value.  But, I also came across a few of my goals, what I previously aimed for and seeing what I accomplished surprised me and felt really good.

When you take the time to acknowledge the good, the bad and the ugly from your past, then you can begin to move forward.

Step 2 – Appreciate Your Past (shed a tear if necessary)

It’s powerful to look back and be reminded of what you went through, how you felt, how you behaved and ultimately, all the decisions you made.  Looking back forces you to look forward and appreciate who you have become, how far you have come and what you actually manifested in your life that you previously envisioned.  This shift in perspective will give your past a new found value.

Once you fully accept all you have been through – your childhood, how your parents affected you, past relationships, jobs…

Remember these stories, learn from them, take note of how they propelled you forward – but don’t hang on to them longer than necessary.

Step 3 – Let It Go

Seeing my belongings now physically falling apart – it’s therapeutic to let go.

It’s one thing to think about and reminisce on the past, but to hold it, look at the pictures, read the words you wrote – that’s where letting go can become a challenge for some.  But in this way, the freedom is that much more sweet.

It’s easy to get stuck on where we have been, instead of looking ahead to where we are going.  

Your history is part of you, it’s something you will never forget.  But the unknown is still out there, so remember to look forward not back.