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I Am Enough

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Going through this program right now. Hands down the best theme song ever. Finishing 2015 very strong because 2016 is going to be EPIC(not over using that word).

And by finishing strong, I mean slowing down. Slowing down means doing less, doing less is producing greater results and greater results lead to greater clarity and greater clarity is producing more happiness. And more happiness means I have enough. Since I have enough, I am no longer living in the world of more more more. More money, more recognition, more stuff, more fame, more food, more (fill in the blank)…

The more train is back in the station and decommissioned.

I have enough. I am enough!

I have spent my life since 2009 dedicated to getting to this place. I didn’t know where I was headed but I was focused to get out of where I was at in my life.

Frankly, I didn’t like myself of the things I was doing. But now I cherish myself and everything I am doing. It is hard to say that but sure feels good.

Here is a strong finish to your 2015.?

Thanks @bobproctorlive.

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About Mike Watts

Mike Watts is an entrepreneur, speaker, husband, and father.

Before becoming an all around badass by radically reinventing his own life, he used to work for Phillip Morris. Today, he shows business owners how to expand their choices, do less and create the financial lives they want.