Living a Brave Life & Getting Your Ass Kicked

I am thinking about some things this morning after watching Brene Brown and her course based on Daring Greatly which is running now until April.

“If you want to live a brave life you are going to get your ass kicked.” This is a quote of hers that I find profound.

Kate has put her work out there with her book Money: A Love Story. She dedicated a substantial period of time in her life to producing that content. It was a lot of work – the work alone kicks your ass, and then you put it out there.

On Amazon the book got a lot of glowing 5-star reviews, a lot of helpful 3-and-4-star reviews…but then a few reviews that felt like an ass-kicking.

If we are going to put ourselves out into the world, we will receive positive and negative feedback from people we know and people we don’t know.

Putting ourselves out there goes beyond getting feedback from other people. It also has to do with what we put ourselves through as well. For us to be brave this requires us to grow by becoming newer, better versions of ourselves.

How do we become better versions of ourselves? If we go by the magazine covers at the local store, this could be an endless process.

I would say the number 1 thing that has helped me become a better person overall while getting my ass kicked is:

Listening to myself and taking responsibility for my own actions.

This concept was huge for me when I attended a Tony Robbins seminar back in March of 2015. I realized that over the past 3 years of being in business with my wife, I never took myself seriously in our business. I realized I had to move on to a new path in my life where I valued what I bring to the table.

And this is what I mean when I say that getting your ass kicked isn’t just about getting feedback. There is so much more. It requires quite a bit of self-reflection to live a brave life.

If you would like to know more, please watch this video:

***You can go to or to find out more about Brene’s work.

8 thoughts on “Living a Brave Life & Getting Your Ass Kicked

  1. I am a huge fan of your bubbly, smart wife and so happy to see you out from behind the camera! Cheers to this new venture, I am very excited to see more of your work and be part of it on these wild interwebs. Best to you three!

  2. Good stuff as usual Mike. Please keep on keepin on – you and Kate and Brene…are inspiring many of us stuck in various pitfalls of life…thanks!

  3. Hey there Mike! Love it. Thank you! I participated in your “How to Create a Life That Delivers Results” video class. It was really helpful – especially the “Organizing Time” video 4 and video 5 Project Planning – Gettng stuff completed. I appreciate your business knowledge and the “dude” way you present it.Also a huge fan of Brene Brown`s work. All the very best and lots of love to you three. Thanks for all your insights!

  4. Hey Mike! I am loving all the new stuff you are putting out! I am in the middle of redesigning my blog and you’ve given me some great food for thought. Right now, my blog remains an unpaid side project, but there’s definitely a lot of vulnerability in putting your work out there. I have MANY unpublished drafts that I know I’ve avoided finishing and posting because I don’t want to look dumb (or look like a know-it-all when I’m sharing tips and tricks). I know I need to get out of my own head and take the plunge, so thanks for your words of wisdom!

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